Tandem Axle Car Trailer

Futura Trailers' Tandem Axle car trailer is designed to transport wide and low vehicles without the need for ramps or a tilting deck. The trailer lowers to the ground with the touch of a button from a remote control.

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  • Suits medium to large vehicles
  • Heavier load carrying capacity
  • Added safety of 4 wheels
  • Carry more gear (tires, fuel etc)

Low approach angle

The Futura Tandem Low Loader makes loading and un-loading your vehicle simple! Just lower the trailer from the drivers seat using your remote control and drive on, it couldn’t be easier. The low approach angle onto the Aluminum deck means you no longer have to remove parts from your car or waste time and energy with heavy ramps. A Futura Low Loader takes all the hassle out of transporting your car to and from events so you can concentrate on having fun.

If you’ve ever experienced the embarrassing situation of having your car stuck on a ramp, burnt out a clutch or damaged a car, then you will love the simplicity and safety of using a Futura Trailer.

Engineered to be effortless

The chassis deck slopes down with a series of tapered extrusions designed for maximum clearance suitable for low splitters and front spoilers. The step onto the lowered trailer deck is just 1” (25mm) making it effortless to roll onto the deck.

$9,995 USD (base price)

Optional add-ons available: tire rack, recovery winch, stone guards, tie downs, and spare wheels.

Ready for effortless transport?